Wednesday, October 28, 2015

13th Annual Show - Its A Wrap!!

Its a wrap! The 13th Annual Autumn Leaf show is in the books! Thank you for all who attended and for those who worked hard to provide a presentation. Although there were a few glitches, we were able to make some on the fly changes (thank you Dale, Reed, Steve and Paul) to ensure the second half of the show was error free. Apologies to our featured presenter Enrique Contreras for the audio toast on his show. Luckily his stellar photography of the gritty part of LA had no problem carrying the presentation. At just over 115 attendees, we set a new high attendance total as well raised over $1,000 for the restoration efforts at The Fox Theater. A big thank you to Blair Kooistra for providing signed MILW prints that brought in nearly $400 on a raffle with the proceeds going to The Fox. I like hearing the thank you's as well as appreciation for us outting on this annual show. Its great to see old friends and meet new ones!! Looking forward to 2016 with a few NEW suprises!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Show Announcement Flyer

Ted Curphey - "Eastern Washington Granger" - (from Cheney, WA)

Take a tour of the Eastern Washington Gateway Railroad through the years. Starting in Cheney and working west through the many small farm towns on what was Northern Pacific's Central Washington Branchline. A variety of motive power from online locomotive dealer, Western Rail Inc is seen on this hard working shortline. Along the way you'll see the farmers tending fields and the abundant wildlife along the tracks. Later there is a quick trip on the Geiger Spur and finally the people of the EWG.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Show is Quickly Approaching

We are quickly approaching just one week away from the 13th Annual Autumn Leaf Railroad Show - If you haven't RSVP'd yet - do so now!! We are currently at 120 RSVPs but anticipate a few last minute folks at the door - we need to get a good count so we can arrange for snacks, refreshments, etc. Show Details Time The outer theater doors to the theater will open at 3pm with theater seating opening first come first serve at 330pm. Donations Donations are asked for at the door - this will ensure that we cover costs associated with the theater and equipment rentals. Collaboration with Winterail We will be presenting a sneak peek at the Winterail 2016 program in Corvallis, OR - We have an agreement that shows will not be duplicated at these two events. Refreshments Snacks, drinks and beer will be available for purchase at the theater. Show Breaks There will be additional show breaks scheduled to allow for networking Dinner Break There will be a planned dinner break lasting at least 1 hour during the early evening hours. Random chance drawing - Signed matted and framed Blair Kooistra Milwaukee Photos - Tickets will be sold at the door and will be $1 per ticket or 12 tickets for $10 for the drawing - you must be present to win - and the drawing will be held during the last break of the evening. You will have a chance to place your ticket in any one or all of the 3 prints that will be drawn for. Show duration We are planning on the show wrapping up during the 10pm hour Saturday. Safety Many people arrive early to view and photo trains in the Centralia area - please exercise caution when doing so and we wary of private property - we have had a safe record and want to keep it that way.

Enrique Contreras - "Lost Angels in the City of Lights" - (from Sylmar, CA)

Enrique will bring the his talent from the LA Basin and present a show about railroads in the dirt and grit of Los Angeles, as well as a fresh look at the railroad along the Coast Line. This is his first visit the PacNW and is first presentation at a slideshow - I know you will enjoy it!

Monday, October 12, 2015

2015 - Autumn Leaf Railroad Slideshow - Featured Photographer Enrique Contreras (Sylmar, CA)

Enrique will be our featured photographer this year at the show and addition to providing a presentation he will also share several of his favorite shots as why they are some of his favorite work. We look forward introducing his to everyone!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Matt Adams - "Bulldogs Downunder" - (from Beaverton, OR)

In 1951, Australia's Railways began to turn to diesels for the road power. The first mainline diesel, an English Electric built by the South Australian Railways' shops entered traffic September 10, 1951. 10 days later, the first mainline EMD, but by licensee Clyde Engineering, entered traffic. Known by SAR as the GM class, the first 11 (GM1-11) were built in an A1A-A1A configuration to meet Australia's axle loading limits and were truly just elongated F units. As a result of the initial GM Class experience, coupled with interest from the Victorian Railways for a C-C version with double ends and the theory the lighter axle loading would be popular globally, EMD went to work. In 1951, VR placed their order for the ML-2 and with what EMD had learned "down under," released the SD7 to the US market, just 5 months before the first ML-2, VR's B Class leader B60, hit the rails in July 1952. Further orders of the GM class were also C-C units. The last new unit built with the "bulldog" nose in the world was CL17, now CLP10, which entered service in June 1972. Remarkably, some of these EMD pioneers can still be found in active service to this day for Southern Shorthaul Railroad, while thanks partly to a lower global demand for iron ore, has allowed GWA to store many of their older examples. Here, we look back and their life as they knew it in 2014, hauling infrastructure and wheat trains in New South Wales and South Australia.