Monday, October 2, 2017

2017 Autumn Leaf Presenter - Elliot Omernik - (from Everett, WA) - "Western Wanderings"

Elliot is again back this year with another show about his travels around the States over the past year. "Western Wanderings" is a selection of images during his trips across the western US and Canada in 2016.


Due to the Fox Theater still being under renovation and the Bethel Theater being already booked we have found an alternate location ----- This years event will be at the Magnolia Ballroom at O'Blarney's in downtown Centralia - the address is 221 North Tower Ave. The ballroom is located on the second floor above O'Blarneys - doors will open to the venue at 3:00pm with the first show starting at 4:00pm sharp - We will be having a planned dinner break. There will be beer, wine and liquor service upstairs in the ballroom featuring Ellensburg's Iron Horse Brewing "Irish Death" dark smooth ale. Looking forward to seeing you all here in a couple of weeks - if you havent RSVP'd for the event please do so as soon as you can.

2017 Autumn Leaf Presenter - Vic Neves - (from Albany, OR) "Oliver Brother's Salt Co"

Vic brings a great show this year about a unique railroad operation from a few decades ago in the bay area of California when rail photographers turned into railroaders on a unique and obscure rail operation.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

2017 Autumn Leaf Presenter- David Lange (from Eugene, OR)- "Spreading Her Wings"

A random phone call to a friend one night provided a heads up about rebuilt Southern Pacific Jordon spreader 4033 doing a test run the following day on the Cascade line. Arriving in Oakridge the next morning to perfect sunlight and snow on the hill. I took a chance and asked the Supervisor of the trip if I could ride the train. Prepared for the impending "No, employees only", I had already started thinking of possible locations to get some token shots. To my surprise, I was allowed permission and told to grab a seat on the crew car "Snowflake". This is just the beginning of a story that would end up being a once in a lifetime photoshoot!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2017 Autumn Leaf Presenter- Dan Bolyard (from Coulee City, WA)- "Echos of the GN Spokane Division".

This is Dan’s third show for ALSS featuring the history of railroading in Central Washington State. This time he is featuring a look back at railroading along the Great Northern in an area not often photographed. This show is based on a similar show Dan presented to the Great Northern Railway Historical Society annual convention last year in Spokane.

Monday, August 7, 2017

2017 Autumn Leaf Presenter - Friedrich Manfred Simon (from Spokane, WA) - "Rocklyn 'n Rollin"

My focal point will be present day operations of the Eastern Washington Gateway Railroad underscored by the leitmotiv of scenes depicting 24/7 railroading and railroad operations, and the photography thereof, i.e., there is more to railroad photography than the pervasive trackside wedge shot.

2017 Autumn Leaf Presenter - Martin Burwash (from Conway, WA) - "Almost 50"

This October marks the 49th year I have been photographing trains on Stevens Pass. "Almost 50" is a look at some of the favorite places I have been, some of the things I have seen and some of the people I have met in those 49 years.