Tuesday, October 9, 2018

2018 Autumn Leaf Presenter - Frederick Manfred Simon (Spokane, WA) - ""Götterdämmerung (Twilight of The Gods)"

In a bifurcated exposé of my affection for dusk, dawn, and dark of night photography, I’ll be exploring my catalog of photography over the past year focusing on BNSF’s and UP’s operations in and around Spokane as well the twilight of the Eastern Washington Railroad scheduled to cease as operator of the eminent Cheney to Coulee City “CW.” It is the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in the storied annals of the CW which will – in time - see the departure of the famed flared radiators, the black and blued SD45’s, as a new culture and philosophy under the soon-to-be CW operator Washington Eastern hopes to breath new life into the 108-mile grainer.

2018 Autumn Leaf Presenter - Reed Skyllingstad (Eugene, OR) - "Desert Railroading"

Desert Railroading is a presentation of one and a half years of railroad photography in the southwestern United States. While Reed was at his first FAA tower in North Las Vegas, Nevada he traveled and photographed Cima Hill, the BNSF Transcon, and the UP Sunset Route in Arizona. Join us as we travel around the Mojave desert and beyond.

Monday, October 8, 2018

2018 Autumn Leaf Presenter - Robert W. Scott (Rochester, WA) - "To The Land of the Alco's"

Hidden in plain sight, the states of Pennsylvania and New York boast several railroads that still stable classic diesels from Alco. These workhorses are kept in good shape by dedicated group of mechanics under the direction of railroads that know the value of the Alco workhorses. This presentation is from two different trips in the fall of 2015 and 2016 to four different Alco railroads. Running along former lines of the Pennsy, Erie and DL&W, the tracks wind through the river valleys and over the mountains of the Alleghenies, the Poconos and the Appalachians. Along for the ride on our trips were a group of west coast photographers and during our treks we encountered many other characters. Tune in for a ride to the Alco's!

2018 Autumn Leaf Presenter - Charles Lange (Eugene, OR) - "California Dreamin' - SP Style"

This show is about the Southern Pacific on SP's Coast Route around the Santa Barbara area. The sections in it deal with the power that SP used on the Coastline trains in the 1970s. You never knew what was going to show up on the trains as it just depended on what was available from LA and from the north. There will be a section on the activity at the Santa Barbara station as well as the end of SP's Coast Daylight and the beginning of Amtrak's Coast Starlight. At the end of the program will be a short section on the ever present caboose on the end of the 1970s SP trains.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Blair Kooistra Framed Print Raffle

This year we will again be having a raffle at the slideshow. These framed photos from Blair Kooistra feature the Milwaukee Road. The photos will be in frames and are ready to hang on your wall. Tickets for the drawing will be $1 each or 12 tickets for $10 available at the door on Saturday. Proceeds from the tickets goes towards the show and Fox Theater restorations.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

2018 Autumn Leaf Presenter - Steve Carter (Gig Harbor, WA) - "A Northwest Shortlines Sampler"

Take a tour of some of the Northwest’s Shortline Railroads. From the rainy forests of the Oregon Coast, to hot and dry eastern Washington and out to the forests of the Idaho Panhandle. Seen from the air and ground, stills and moving pictures!

2018 Autumn Leaf Presenter - Jared Pohll (Toledo, WA) - "The Beginning Years"

Just graduating out of high school, Jared took back a hobby he had since forgotten during most of his middle and high school years. Moving to Eugene, Oregon shortly after, the interest grew back during a short hike in the Oregon Cascades and seeing a train creep down the steep cliffs of Union Pacific's Cascade Line. His first presentation showing scenes of the continuous battle with trains along the 1.8% 42 mile long grade out of Oakridge, Oregon. Along with scenes continuing south to Klamath Falls and north to Junction City, Oregon.