Wednesday, September 7, 2016

David Lange - "Silent Sentinels" - (from Eugene, OR)

David returns to Autumn Leaf with his interesting perspectives presenting a tribute to American signals.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Chris Southwell - "Best of Both Worlds" - (from Walkill, NY)

Chris brings to his first Autumn Leaf a tour of his favorite things to photograph around my two homes. The former Bessemer & Lake Erie in Pennsylvania and shortlines in Northern California.

Christopher Smith - "A Tour of the Northwest" - (from Bothell, WA)

Christopher is a first time presenter at Autumn Leaf and brings to us a 2 part show. Part 1 of the show will be will be railroad scenes around the Northwest and Part 2 of the show will consist of photos from the final years of Eastside Freight Railroad operations.

Charles R. Lange - "The End" - (from Eugene, OR)

Charles brings another show back to Autumn Leaf and this year we look at an often forgotten part of a train - the caboose. Its been almost three decades since the loss of this iconic piece of railroading and Charles will bring the days of the Hack, Van and Crummys from classic railroads back for one night!

Stephen Dorsett - "Thunder on the Mountain" - (from Happy Valley, OR)

This photo journey will show the sounds and smells and images of hardworking trains from the Southern Pacific and the Sante Fe, we will later look at the UP and the BNSF on this mountain railroad division. The SP Gone but not forgotten. This is a retrospect of all of my travels for the last twenty years of Tehachapi.

Blair Kooistra - "My Kind of Town: A Fast Look at America's Second City" - (from Ft. Worth, TX)

Its blues musicians, architecture and the public transportation system the unites it all: Chicago Transportation Authority's L.

Blair Kooistra - "Tulsa's Interurban Survivors" - (from Ft. Worth, TX)

Nearly 60 years since dropping the wires, two former Interurban shortlines in Tulsa, Oklahoma continue to serve customers using vintage EMD SW-series switch engines.