Monday, September 8, 2014

Steve Carter - Autumn Days and Autumn Nights - (from Gig Harbor, WA)

Steve returns again to Autumn Leaf with a presentation on the spectacular views of fall and railroad action. Steve has presented as almost every Autumn Leaf for the past several years. We look forward to more of his fantastic photography and his take on railroading.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

John Howell - Rambling on the Reading - Part 1 (from Edinboro, PA)

John returns to Autumn Leaf this year as a presenter with a show of a run of two double-headed Reading Iron Horse Rambles in 1960's. One trip was of the Reading 2124 and 2100 climbing one of the steepest grades on the Reading heading southwest out of Tamaqua on November 19th, 1960, near Tuscarora, PA. We look forward to having John presenting at this years show.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

David Honan - Urban Rail Transit is Boring? - (from Snoqualmie, WA)

Dave is back to another Autumn Leaf and I am sure his show will not disappoint. Dave says that he hear's lots of railfans shun photographing rail transit in urban environments because they think the parade of all-but-identical trains is boring. He begs to differ. We are looking forward to more of his spectacular photography!

Featured Presenter - Eric Williams - From Sun-down to Sun-up - (from Millburn, NJ)

My passion for dusk and dawn photography was originally established by my family and work commitments, which generally limit my rail-fanning time to very early and late hours. With railroading being a 24/7 operation there are plenty of opportunities to shoot, and soon discovered that this is really the optimum time to be trackside as the light is the most interesting and dramatic. So, follow the light with me, from sunset to sunrise, as I travel around the country in my quest for creative images of railroading.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kit Courter - Challenged By The Desert - (from Torrance, CA)

2014 Autumn Leaf Presenter - Kit Courter "Challenged By The Desert" This show will feature a selection of daytime, twilight, and night images taken from a 32 year period (favoring more recent dates) in and around the deserts and bordering mountains of California. We are happy to have Kit back at Autumn Leaf and share some of his spectacular photography.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Featured Presenter - Rob Leachman - Milwaukee Road Electric Operations in the 70s - (from Berkeley, CA)

Featured Presenter - Rob Leachman Milwaukee Road Electric Operations in the 70s The last hurrah for Milwaukee's electrified operations occurred 1970-1974. This presentation will portray the electrified Coast and Rocky Mountain Division operations during that period. Between views of spectacular scenic action, as time permits, I will discuss the legal, executive and operational maneuverings that led to the tremendous traffic surge 1970-1973 that stretched the electrics to the limit, followed by the traffic collapse beginning in October, 1973 and termination of the electrification in June, 1974.

Three Generations of Railroad Photography David Lange: The Search for a New Perspective - (from Eugene, OR)

Three Generations of Railroad Photography David Lange: The Search for a New Perspective The third offering in a trilogy of presentations showcasing the evolution of railroad photography spanning 68 years and three generations. Growing up around railroads is an understatement for David Lange. His exposure to trains began with the Southern Pacific Coastline before he was even a month old. The heavy influence of not one, but two accomplished railroad photographers in the immediate family made it inevitable that he would develop an interest for railroads as well. We'll follow David through his early years watching the transition from first generation diesels to dash two technology on the Coastline, Cajon Pass, and the Tehachapi mountains. We'll also see some of his first experiences with a camera and the beginning of his quest to find his own signature style of imagery. He'll then take us on a condensed tour through his archives showing the evolution of his photography skills and his never ending search for a new perspective.